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Pheaby, 15, Hampshire’s Dazzling Beauty 2016/17 (Reigning Queen and Grand Finalist)

Name: Pheaby

Age: 15

Height: 5’7

Nationality: British Current Location: Hampshire

Which category will you compete in? Teen
1) Why would you like to enter in for UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2016? And how did you hear about the competition? I would like to do this as I believe it will give me a great amount of confidence and would be a great opportunity as well as getting me involved in more charity work. I heard about this on the Star Now website.

2) What are your 3 biggest achievements to date? My first biggest achievement is earning prefect at my school this year. My second biggest achievement is helping raise money at my nan’s pub for the Rainbow Trust. And my third biggest achievement is hitting all of my target levels for my GCSE’s.

3) What education, qualification and work experience do you have?
I have done 2 weeks work experience in Havant Borough Council in the Democratic Services department and I am study my GCSE’s.
4) How would your friends and family describe you in 3 words? Bubbly, loyal and spirited.
5) What are your goals dreams and aspirations? My goals and aspirations in life are to attend the University of Oxford and receive a degree in Government and Politics. Then when I have these qualifications I would like to work as an MP and help our country.

6) Do you have any experience in Modelling, Pageants, Performing live?
I did receive the title of Miss Teen Galaxy Portsmouth but I couldn’t attended the pageant.

7) Have you ever raised any money for charity or been involved in Youth or Charity Work and if so please tell us about your experiences/fundraising:
First of all, I help raise money for the rainbow trust at my nan’s pub every year as well as other charities in between this. I also used to help at my local beaver group until I moved away.


8) What heat are you applying for and why would you like to represent this city?
I am applying to represent Portsmouth and would like to do this as I believe it will give me a great amount of confidence and would be a great opportunity as well as getting me involved in more charity work.

9) If you were to compete in our talent round what would you perform or what talent would you display for the judges?
Singing and piano

10) Why should you be the winner of UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2017?
(This is your chance to sell yourself, tell us your best achievements, how you have inspired others, ambitions, dreams, what makes you stand out and why you want the title and crown)
I may as well be known as a selfie addict! So, Taking pictures and modelling seems like something I would love to do as a hobby. Ever since I was little I’ve always been a very confidant and outgoing person which I believe will help me get far in this competition. One of my best achievements would have to be earning prefect this year at my school. This shows that the senior management team at my school believe I am a responsible student who can lead by example. Being part of my local beaver group helped me inspire many little kids, from encouraging them on hikes to earning their healthy eating badges. I believe all of this will help me to my ambitions and dreams of attending the University of Oxford to study government and politics. Then I can become an MP and help our country. One of my ideas to help our country is open a lot more food and cloths banks to support those who can’t afford what others have. I would like to win the title and crown as I would like to show to my friends and family that anything I put my mind to and if I work hard enough, I can do! I would also use my title to get involved in a lot more charity work. I hope I am what you’re looking for.


What will you do over the next few months to increase your chances of winning UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2017? 
1) Raise as much money as I can for charity
2) Use social media to increase my publicity
3) I will wear my crown and sash with pride to different events and use the pictures from this on my social media
4) Take advantage of any voluntary opportunities
5) Encourage my fellow queens to join me at charity events.

_____PHEABY is a national grand finalist for Miss Reigning Queen UK 2016 and UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2017, if she is your winner then support her today with likes and lots of comments.

Apply for UK’s Dazzling Beauty today:
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Featured Beauty Queen – Claire, Yorkshire’s Dazzling Beauty 2016 featured in 2 Magazines (Success story)

Happy New Month Beautiful’s, today we will be featuring one of our wonderful Reigning Queens (Clare Hurst) yay! She has been so hard working and achieved so much, read her story here:

Name: Clare

Title: Yorkshire’s Dazzling Beauty 2016

Age: 29 years old

Height: 5’7


Hobbies and Interests:

I like listening to music any types really, watching movies I love my romantic ones as that’s the kind of person I am and comedies as well going shopping with my friends, socialising and mainly spending time with my family who mean so much to me they are life.

Favourite country:
My favourite country is Mexico me and my Husband have being twice and just love it because they are so friendly and make you feel so welcome they do so much for you and keep you entertained as well it’s never a dull moment at all and its defiantly for anyone I would recommend it



I only speak English but my dad’s mum who I never met was Italian so its in our blood as my dad got relations in Italy who I haven’t seen since I was three.

Previous titles:
I have done one Beauty Pageant which was called Miss Elegant North which was in Darwin

Top 3 Biggest achievements to date:
1. Gaining so much confidence in myself to be able to do challenges and push myself so far its like i am a new person and so proud as well
2. Getting into Take a Break Magazine which is truly amazing, I never thought that this would happen to me
3. Doing fundraising activities to help raise money for different causes like children hospitals rosemere cancer.


Best Beauty Secret:
Best beauty secret is always believe that your beautiful as it doesn’t matter what you look like or the size you are everyone is beautiful and unique and that’s always what I have said its not about looks its what’s on inside that counts.

Dream Career:
My dream career has always being to get into the Modelling Industry, it’s always something I have wanted to do since from a very young age because I am very passionate person and very determined to push my career further as I want to make something of myself and I do believe that in  time it will happen for me it’s about staying positive and believing in yourself.4627998463_223x387

Celebrity look-alike:
People used to say I looked like Britney Spears as I had Light blonde hair with high lights in and that was when i was 18 not I have red and light brown high lights in no one knows which celebrity I look like.

Favourite Quote:
My favourite quote is life to short to give up on things go for what you want and always follow your heart.

What 5 things will you do over the next few months to try and win the crown of
UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2016? 

The five things I will do to try and win the crown of UK’s Dazzling Beauty is:

  1. Go around different places like Greece which is where I travelled to recently for my holiday and I wore my crown and sash and got lots of photos on the beach and all over, as well with the people over there and asked for there support to help me win. I had a wonderful time promoting myself as Yorkshire’s Dazzling Beauty 2016
  2. Continue fundraising for different charities and raising money as well.
  3. To do my sponsored swim challenge to keep emailing different newspapers and contacting different media selling myself to them that’s what it’s all about.
  4. Just doing what I am doing really pushing myself all the way to win this so I can go far in the world

Who are you sponsored by?
I am sponsored by my wonderful Husband Sean Hurst he has being very supportive about this and backs me all the way, which I think is amazing that he does.


What have you achieved since becoming Yorkshire’s Dazzling Beauty 2016?
What I have achieved so far since becoming Miss Yorkshire Dazzling Beauty is Confident as I never thought I could do anything like this and panicked at the beginning what I would do but now after past few months I am doing amazing challenging myself and all my hard work is paying off I just feel like a new person and I am proud to be Dazzling Beauty Queen it’s the greatest.

What has been your greatest success so far since becoming a Dazzling Beauty?
My greatest success so far since becoming a Dazzling Beauty is being featured in Take a Break Magazine and love it Magazine, I never thought that would happen to me at all but it just shows if you want to go far and you can make it happen it will that’s what happened to me I feel on top of the world. How I made it happen is I looked into magazines on the internet and researched them and told them how about me having low self-esteem not believing in myself losing weight and how I turned my life around and they loved it and it’s finally happened which I am glowing inside 🙂

What would you say to girls and women that want to follow in your footstep and that want to become a Reigning Queen but they are too shy, nervous or afraid?
What I would say to others who are wanting to do this go for it follow your hearts desire and do it it’s the greatest thing ever its about making new friends being helped getting guidance and advice so your not alone and if you want to go far and make something of yourself this is the way to start  and life to short not to go for your dreams so all those lovely ladies and girls i would recommend you to try it as it something to always look back on.

What are the 5 things that you have done to try and win UK’s Dazzling Beauty so far? 
1) I got myself into take a break magazine and love magazine (two really popular magazines)
2) I raised over £100.00 for Rosemere Cancer Charity
3) Gong abroad to Greece with my husband and wearing my sash and crown all over the country, making a difference and taking photos with the wonderful locals
4) Went to work with my sash and crown on and did lots of fundraising for a children’s charity and had lots of lovely photos with my work collegues
5) I have created a few videos on Facebook promoting my crown and title as Yorkshire’s Dazzling Beauty, updating my family, friends and fans and promoting UK’s Dazzling Beauty on Social Media constantly.

Why should you be chosen to win the title of UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2016?
Because I am very outgoing bubbly passionate person always got a smile on my face who wants to go far with her dreams and I am also wanting to inspire others to go for their dreams like me and never give up I want to be a role model as well if I got chose it would be a honour I’d be so proud as well.

Interview end____________

Super wonderful! Clare has really pushed herself and made some of her amazing dreams come true such as raising money for charity, building her fan base and appearing in the media.

If you want to follow in the footsteps of Clare and represent your amazing city in the UK’s Dazzling Beauty competition as a Reigning Queen then get involved in our pageant today lovely 🙂 Apply today:

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Many blessings

UK’s Dazzling Beauty Team

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10 Things to Do as a Reigning Queen to Increase your Chances of Winning UK’s Dazzling Beauty

Happy Thursday Lovelies,IMG_1643.JPG

Are you thinking of becoming a Reigning Queen for UK’s Dazzling Beauty? 

This is truly your chance and your moment to make a BIG difference in the world?

If you are wondering what you could do as a Reigning Queen to increase your chances of winning the crown and also to increase your success…keep reading below:

Here are 10 Ways to Boost your Chances of Being Successful: 

  1. Become a Public Figure in Your Community:To succeed it is helpful to have support from your local surroundings behind you in order to drive you forward to the national finals.
  2. Create an Active Online profile:
    It’s important that you use social media as a Beauty Queen and use to create an online following, build a fan base and show yourself to be a proactive worthy queen.
  3. Make Several Appearances:
    In the run up to the grand final is it advisable to make several appearances, this cannot be simply taking a photo in front of a poster but you should really be apparent in the event that is taking place by taking photos with people at the event and showing your involvements in the events that you attend. Events that you could attend could include Charity events, beauty pageants, fashion shows, TV shows, radio shows, museums, the beach and the list goes on. Aim for at least 8-10 amazing appearances.
  4. Be Well-Rounded:
    If you wish to become the next UK’s Dazzling Beauty, you must be well-rounded and generous person who supports charitable giving and charitable causes. Developing a charity platform will help you stand a mile ahead of your opposition. It’s good to look beautiful as a Beauty Queen, but don’t just focus on outer beauty also work on inner beauty too.
  5. Go for Photo shoots:
    It is also a good idea to get some professional head shots, mid-shots and full length images taken for your profiles and CV. You don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds of pounds, you could invest in working with a photographer and get 10 amazing shots which you can use to take your Beauty Queen portfolio to the next level.
  6. Improve your Public Speaking Skills:
    A Beauty Queen is often interviewed as part of their journey to the crown therefore I would advise for you to part-take in any public speaking you can, in order to practice your public speaking and prepare you for the judge’s interview.
  7. Be Wary of your Online Profile:
    Judges will always look at your online profiles to ensure that you are a worthy winner and are not just in the competition for a pretty crown. Therefore, be vigilant, ‘is this something that miss world would post?’
  8. Be a Proactive Queen:  In the pageant world opportunities rarely fall into our laps, we have to go and find them therefore create your own. Perhaps host a charity event, it could be anything from a tea party to a sleepover.
  9. Be Supportive of Others:
    It’s proven that being nasty to others doesn’t make you a better person and definitely isn’t the best way to win the crown, your pageant sisters will be lifelong friends remember that when you first meet them.
  10. Lastly make every moment with your title count!This wonderful article written by Hayleigh (our fabulous former UKDB 2012/13 winner)

We hope you found this blog post to be highly useful! Take action today,

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Lots of love,

Queen xx
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Hayleigh Blinkhorne, 19, Featured Beauty Queen! Her Success in National Beauty Pageants and her Current Charity Appeal

Happy Sunday and welcome to the new month of MAY!

Today, we are featuring one of our wonderful former TEEN winners of UK’s Dazzling Beauty on her pageant journey, her successes in the industry and her charity appeal.

Name: Hayleigh Blinkhorne
Age: 19
Titles: Miss Greater London (Miss Teen Great Britain), UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/13,


1. Congrats for your Success in the pageant world, you won UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/2013 then went on to compete in Miss Teen Great Britain last year. Tell us what
3-5 things did you do to win UK’s Dazzling Beauty and what opportunities did you gain as a result of winning and what did you enjoy the most?

UK’s Dazzling Beauty was my first venture into the world of pageantry and by no means was my last, if there is one lesson I have learnt from my journey so far, it is that even though in every competition there is only one title to be won, no one ever walks away from a pageant empty handed. Whether that be walking away with a runner-up title, a side title or just the amazing memories that comes with the experience, I’m sure every pageant girl will agree with me when I say there is always something to be gained.hayleigh new picture

UK’s Dazzling Beauty was a massive stepping stone for me to pursue my career as a public figure within my community. Winning a beauty pageant isn’t as easy as turning up at the venue on the day and looking beautiful – it is so much more than that. The most important part of the build up to the competition is your preparation. When competing for UK’s Dazzling Beauty my preparation included being an upholding member of the community that I am part of and a proud representative of the town in which I am from, to do this I attended fundraising events, participating in local meetings to decide the future of our community and regularly volunteered at local primary schools, charity shops and fundraising excursions.


In order to be successful in pageantry it is always a very good idea to have a solid platform, my platform was raising funds for children of disadvantage. After growing up surrounded by children who were all different, different shapes and sizes, some with missing limbs and others who simply had troubles with language and hearing – it got me thinking how lucky I am, and for all the things I had taken for granted I decided to give back to those that were of any sort of disadvantage. Therefore, I organised fundraising events of my own to raise funds for my chosen platform in order to better the lives of those who surround me.

As UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/2013 I gained many different opportunities, these included many modelling shoots and being the face of ‘Fredricks Hair and Beauty’ brand. I was also invited as guest of honour to many events including fashion launches, fundraising balls and to judge other pageants as well as the UK’s Dazzling Beauty heats. I cannot thank Queen, the director of UK’s Dazzling Beauty’ enough for such a positive start in my pageant career.


2. Tell us about your experience in the Miss Teen Great Britain pageant? What title did you represent and how did you find the grand final?

Miss Teen Great Britain was a competition I had aspire to compete in since entering the pageant world, held in the globe theatre at Blackpool pleasure beach, Miss Teen Great Britain was full of excitement and adrenaline as I, Miss Teen Greater London 2015 graced the stage in my bid to become the next Miss Teen Great Britain.

Miss Teen Great Britain was an experience I will never forget, introducing me to my beautiful sister queens, who will always remain life time friends, and teaching me pageant lessons that I will take on my journey as I step away from the Teen category and into the Miss segment of the pageant industry.


Miss Teen Great Britain is a two-day competition which allowed me to be the best version of myself that I could possibly be, first starting off in the Beauty Queen Challenge day that allowed me to build relationships and bond with my fellow Miss Teen GB girls whilst having a giggle at the same time. To then being part of an ‘Empowerment session’ that emphasised that there isn’t a definition of beauty, beauty isn’t a stereotype it is a quality each and every individual beholds because everyone is beautiful in their own rights and each and every own of us deserve to be able to stand up and say ‘I am beautiful and I am proud to be me’. This was followed by the famous Miss Teen GB pj party where we were able to share such enjoyable moments and learn more about each other, as contestants we forgot that within just hours we would be competing against each other and soon enough we were a family. Miss Teen Great Britain taught me more about who I am than I had ever expected.

Before I had a second to look back and reminisce on my first day at the competition it was time to step on the stage and compete for my chance for be the next Miss Teen Great Britain.

3. Where did you place in the Miss Teen Great Britain pageant? Did you win any awards?

The time had come for the contestants to find out the results, the room was silent and we held each other’s hands awaiting the news that would change the life of one of our lives forever. First called the side awards where I was presented with ‘Best Smile’ in the entire competition, I was honoured to of been graced with such a complimenting award.

Next up was the top 16, this was the girls who had scored the highest 16 in the competition, I stood clapping as many of the girls I had come to know where presenting themselves in a line at the front of the stage and then “Hayleigh Blinkhorne”. I was invited to join the top 16 at the front of the stage.

The top 16 was then halved as the top 8 was announced, again my name was called and as my heart skipped a beat I was asked to step forward in to a line where only 7 stood beside me. Unfortunately, 2015 wasn’t ‘my’ year, I am a true believer that will hard work, determination and perseverance one day a title will be mine and that will that for 2016 I have challenged myself to compete in the first ever UK’s Power Pageant.
4. This year you are determined to compete in pageants again and you will be competing in the United Kingdom Power Pageant? Tell us about this competition and why do you want to win?

The first ever UK Power Pageant will be crowning 8 winners! Each with amazing opportunities that allows them to represent their country on an international stage.

Miss International-UK will be flown to Japan at the end of October to experience an amazing time at the Miss International 2016 final. Victoria Tooby, Miss International UK 2014 did amazingly in Japan by placing 3rd runner up and Sophie Loudon, Miss International UK 2015 placed in the top 10!

The Engish, Scottish and Welsh winners for Miss Intercontinental will represent their country later next year at the 2016 Miss Intercontinental international final. Dates and location have not yet been confirmed but it is likely to be in a very exotic location overseas! You will stay at a luxurious resort & will compete with contestants from all over the world for the prestigious title of Miss Intercontinental! In 2011, the international final was held in Spain and, in 2010, it was held in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean. The 2015 host country was Germany and we can’t wait to find out where the 2015 competition will be held!

The winner of World Supermodel UK will be flown to South Africa in 2017 to compete in the World Supermodel competition! The competition is being held in a luxurious location.

Three winners will be crowned for Miss Grand International (from England, Scotland & Wales) and will go on to represent their country in the Miss Grand International final in Thailand! Miss Grand England, Scotland and Wales are part of the UK Power Pageant

The winner’s prize package includes flights, accommodation and entry to the Miss International, Miss Intercontinental and World Supermodel final. The winners will receive a goody bag full of prizes from our sponsors! The winner will also receive a £250 voucher and shopping experience at The Dress Studio

Lots of other awards and prizes will be awarded on the night! We intend to make sure that every contestant has a fantastic time. The competition will provide you with new friends, a lot of fun and some great memories!

I would love to win a title in this competition as I would love to represent my country on an international level and learn more about the cultures and beliefs from around the world. I have always limited myself to the confinements of competing nationally and now I have that extra experience and confidence I believe myself to be a worthy contender of an international title!


5. With most pageants it usually comes with a lot of expected charity fundraising work. Please tell us what you will be doing to raise money for Charity this year?

The UK Power Pageant’s chosen charity is ‘The Christie Charity’.

The Christie charity provides enhanced services over and above what the NHS funds. Gifts from the public make a huge difference to the care and treatment that The Christie is able to provide to their patients and their families.

Whilst they have achieved a phenomenal amount thanks to the backing of our donors, this doesn’t mean they can be complacent with our achievement and they always have plans in the pipeline to further improve their services, they have big plans and ambitions for the future and all of these require our support.

They are one of the largest hospital charities in the UK with 82p in every pound going directly to the patients.

They have over 43,000 supporters – of which more than 6600 give regular gifts – and each of these helped us to raise £13.3m last year.

Over 700 community events and 470 corporate fundraisers were held on our behalf and more than 8000 people tackled a charity sporting challenge to help fund life-changing and potentially life-saving projects.

This year I will be participating in a number of events in order to raise money for The Christie Charity, these will include a 10k sponsored run, a mountain trek at the Snowden mountain in wales, a firewalk and a fun run, plus many more.

6. How can girls and women support you on your charity fundraising mission?

As Miss Greater London International 2016, I will be accomplishing several personal challenges to raise money and awareness for Christie’s Cancer Trust.

I aim to raise as many funds as possible for my chosen charity if you would like to donate to this amazing cause please join me by contributing using my just giving page below;

Every little can help save a life, please donate!

7. What advice would you give to girls or women that would like to follow in your footsteps and compete in national pageants?

My advice for everyone that is looking to compete in national pageants is simple if you are committed and believe in yourself you will go far. To win a national title you have to dedicate yourself to the pageant system you are representing and to being a role model to others, if you know that you will be able to fulfill the duties that come with being a title holder then take the jump and enter the system that you have been dreaming of!

8. What are your social media links so that girls and women can follow you?

Support is a massive motivation in the pageant world therefore if you would be kind enough to like my page on facebook and follow my journey to the UK Power Pageant. If anyone would like any advice or has any questions please feel free to message me via my page, the link has been placed below;



Wow how amazing, Hayleigh has come so far and achieved so many of her amazing dreams, If you want to follow in the foosteps of Hayleigh and really make it big in the pageant world then enter UK’s Dazzling Beauty today, become a reigning Queen!

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Have a super Bank holiday weekend,

Until next time,

The UK’s Dazzling Beauty Team

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Introducing The Leading Beauty Queens Bundle

Hello lovely Beauty Queen or Aspiring Beauty Queen!!

Good news, we have put together a pageant training resource for you that we
think you’ll find very useful!!


But before I go into what it is…let me ask you a FEW questions:

1) Do you ever feel frustrated or stuck as a Beauty Queen
2) Do you ever wonder what the judges are looking for in a winner?
3) Do you ever wish that you had someone to Coach you and give you some amazing pageant secrets, tips, ideas and encouragement without you having to travel
20 miles to meet the person?
4) Do you wish that you could have some pageant materials that will help you to make bigger progress as a Beauty Queen?
5) Do you sometimes find it hard to win crowns, titles and awards and also find it hard to get FULLY organised as a Beauty Queen?

If so I think this might be the perfect PRODUCT for you!

Introducing the Leading Beauty Queens Pageant Bundle…

Here is what you will get in this BUNDLE:

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1) 10 Steps for Becoming a Successful Reigning Queen, Audio Training (mp3)

2) 10 Ways to Attract Media Recognition and Publicity (e-Book)

3) 21 Ideas of Places to Make Exclusive Appearances Beauty (Worksheet)

4) 21 Ways to Increase your Chances of Winning the Crown (E-book)

5) 27 Things that Judges and Directors do NOT like to see in Beauty (Worksheet)

6) 50 Ways to Become a Leading Pageant Girl/Woman (Worksheet)

7) Charity Fundraising Template 2015 – Editable.doc

8) Pageant Advice For Beginners, Audio Training (Mp3)

9) Pageant Advice For Intermediate Beauty Queens, Audio Training (Mp3)

10) Pageant Advice For Advanced Beauty Queens, Audio Training (Mp3)

11) 15 Ways To Find A Sponsor For Beauty Pageants, Audio Training (Mp3)

12) 100 Pageant Interview Questions And Tips (Designed To Help You Prepare For The Pre-Judging Round And On Stage Interviews At Beauty Pageants) E-Book

And some other fabulous bonuses that you will get instantly when you sign up!!

All of this just for £17.00 for for the first 17 girls and women that purchase the bundle! After that the price will increase to £57.00!! Value of this product (£100).

Thanks so much in advance to all girls and women that will be investing in this product!

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Your pageant success means a lot to us at UK’s Dazzling Beauty! I know what it’s like to go home after a pageant and wonder why I didn’t win! And I also know what it feels like to walk away with amazing crowns, titles and awards! So I’ve been in your shoes and you don’t have to keep struggling to WIN! This product can save you money and time!! And make your pageant journey easier!

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Featured Testimonial:
Testimonial Lindsay 2016

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Featured Beauty Queen: Louise Toms, Winner of UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/13& Miss Globe World Finalist 2015

Happy Sunday,

Good news 🙂

Today we are featuring the wonderful and amazing Louise Toms, our former winner of
UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/13 who is actually one of our top 5 most successful contestants!
Her story is so powerful, transformational, full of courageous acts and amazing successes, lots of travelling and media recognition! Louise has gone on to compete in 2 World Pageants in China and Canada, changed her career to becoming a qualified fitness instructor and a Pilates teacher and gets paid to do modelling.
Read her full interview below: 

Age: 27

Height: 5 foot 5

Originally from Ash in Surrey, now living in Sunbury on Thames, Middlesex

UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/13, World Bikini Model UK 2014, Miss Globe England 2015/16

1) Tell us about yourself in a nutshell:
I’m a fitness professional and international beauty queen. I enjoying travelling as much as I can, love cats, and I love to try new food!


2) How was your life before you entered UK’s Dazzling Beauty?
(struggles, what you were doing, how did you feel, what opportunities were you having or not having?)
Before I entered UK’s Dazzling Beauty, I was just working in a call centre, for an insurance company. It had been a year since I dropped out of University after suffering with depression. I didn’t really know what I was doing and just lived for the weekends. I was looking for an opportunity to increase my confidence.

Louise crowned Guildfords Dazzling Beauty 2012

3) Tell us what major, minor and amazing things 
did you achieve with your crown and title i.e. appearances, media coverage, press, making friends, meeting high profile people/celebrities etc):
I never imagined how many opportunities would come after winning my crown and title as UK’s Dazzling Beauty. It gave me the platform to raise money for charities, and I’ve met celebrities through a charity football match, “Afcar the Game” which was so much fun to be part of.


olivia and louise press


4) Tell us about the media coverage that you got and the press that you have achieved
while reigning with your crown and title?
I have appeared in my local newspaper three times. Once when I won the regional title of Guildford’s Dazzling Beauty, once after I won, and once when I was going on to enter my first international pageant. There was lots of press at “Afcar the Game” so I got to take promotional pictures for the event with the likes of Ian Wright and MC Harvey.

Press UKs Dazzling Beauty - Louise Toms

5) Did the pageant impact your career in any way? (Paid work/free-lance work) If so how?After winning the pageant, it gave me the confidence to change my career path. I went on a course to become a personal trainer, and I’ve now been working in the fitness industry for three years. The pageant also gave me the platform to promote myself as a model and as a ballet performer. I am now working as a paid freelance model and acting extra, and of course, training clients in the gym and at their houses.


6) How is your life now after competing and winning UK’s Dazzling Beauty?
(How has your life changed, achievements, successes, victories):
I’ve had the opportunity to completely change my career and to travel. I’m doing all the things I dreamed of doing when I was younger!

7) How did you find 1-1 coaching, mentoring and our online success group coaching programme that you joined/attended? How did it help you as a Beauty Queen?
It helped me tremendously when preparing for Miss Globe last year. 1-1 coaching with Queen helped me plan everything I needed to do, from catwalk practice, to outfit preparation, to promoting myself on social media.




8) Tell us about your experiences of competing in two international pageants?
My first international pageant “World Bikini Model” I was so nervous. I think I was very brave to travel out to China on my own. When the plane took off from Heathrow my heart was beating so fast. But when I finally landed in Guangzhou, and I saw the other girls and our chaperones, everyone was so friendly and the three weeks out there were so exciting. It was a full on schedule with photo shoots, fashion shows, touring different cities with the press following us. It was also extremely tiring, but worth every minute. I got to dance on the Great Wall of China!



My second international pageant “Miss Globe” was much more relaxed. I had the experience from China so was not as nervous. It was held in Toronto, which is not that different from London in my opinion. Again, everyone was so friendly, from the choreographer, to the directors, to the make up artists. We went to lots of nightclubs for promotions. I spent my 27th Birthday there, I’ll never forget it. We had a photo shoot on the beach, and then went to karaoke. I love karaoke! And I also got to see Niagara falls. AMAZING experiences.


9) Why do you think you had the opportunity to compete abroad twice in such a
short space of time when so many girls and women dream of this international pageant success but they can’t seem to make it a living reality?
I had the opportunity because I promote myself on social media and make connections with the people who are there to give opportunities. I got to go to China and Canada from talking to pageant directors over Facebook. It’s about having confidence in your ability and actively seeking these things all the time. If you don’t ask, you don’t get!

10) What did you do to win the UK’s Dazzling Beauty crown and title?
I attended every event that the pageant held, between winning Guildford’s Dazzling Beauty and the Grand final. I invested in pageant training which gave me the edge over the other contestants, and I had practiced until my feet couldn’t bare anymore pain in high heels! I prepared my portfolio for the judges, which had my professional pictures and also a folder with my appearances and newspaper article I featured in. To win a title means lots of preparation and research beforehand.




11) What would you say to any girls and women that would
like to join our Leading Beauty Queens Course, or those that would like 1-1 coaching
or those curious to attend a live pageant and modelling training day?
I would say to grab the training opportunity with both hands. Life’s too short not to go for it! It will help you progress as a beauty queen, and help you with what ever direction you want to go in life. You can always take something away from training, whether it be confidence, communication skills, knowledge about the industry you want to enter, and networking with like minded people, whether it be online or at an event.



12) What three things can you say to girls and women to do if they want
to follow in your footsteps i.e. more appearances, more confidence,
more international pageant success, winning national titles, more media coverage
paid modelling work etc?
Number 1) You’re never alone – seek out advice from the pageant director, or invest in a pageant coach like Queen. Taking on advice from people with experience will take you to the next level. Talk to people who have done what you want to do. The more things you experience, whether they be tiny events or huge events, will give you more confidence.

Number 2) Do your research. For example, with modelling, research agencies and figure out what type of modelling you’d like to delve into. I personally prefer to do my modelling freelance but I also have two agencies who find me work as an acting extra. They are unexclusive, so I can find work on my own also if I wish. Figure out what the best route of finding work is for you.

Number 3) Write a list of all your goals, and give yourself a deadline, write down the steps to need to take to achieve it. For example, “I want to find a sponsor…I need to write a letter to take in to companies, I need to practice my sales pitch of why they should sponsor me, I need to contact 10 companies by the end of this week.”



In December 2014 we took you to Nigeria for a FABULOUS Holiday/Trip, with accommodation, flights and food covered by us, which was part of your prize for winning UK’s Dazzling Beauty 2012/13. Tell us the three things I enjoyed most about Nigeria and how would you describe Nigeria in once sentence?

1 – The weather. It was so good to escape the UK winter time and get some rays!
2 – The people. Every one I met was so friendly and made me feel welcome straight away. The hospitality was fantastic.
3 – The culture. I enjoyed going to church on Sunday, and everyone sings and dresses their best on a Sunday. Amazing atmosphere!

I’d describe Nigeria as colourful. Pretty flowers, colourful clothes and paintings, people with plenty of character.


How did you find the courage to travel with us to Nigeria with no family and friends accompanying you? How did you gain the determination go for this amazing opportunity? 
I found the courage to travel to Nigeria without family or friends by trusting in my own intuition. I knew I’d be with people I knew either in the hotel or with allocated drivers, and Nigeria isn’t as unsafe as everyone makes it out to be.  I told myself I have to be brave and travel, because it’s better to regret something you did rather than thinking “what if?”. I’m so glad I trusted in my intuition because I had a wonderful time!




13) This year as you may know we are not having a live grand final but instead we are having reigning queen positions and we are hoping to have up to 85 girls and women! All reigning queens will be up to big things i.e. Making appearances, media interviews and raising money for charity etc. In November we will choose 3 winners for UK’s Dazzling Beauty with over £1,000 worth of prizes to be won, but instead it will be mainly based on hard work, appearances, social media, charity work, telephone interviews with the judges, online votes etc. The remaining top 10 will win a place in our two part grand final (LIVE) in 2017! Our goal is to have so many girls and women doing good work all over the UK! Changing lives and being excellent role models. We of course will do some live workshops, make lots of appearances, give out lots of prizes, sashes and awards and attend media interviews with our girls. But the approach will be slightly different from how we have run the events previously (just for this year).

What would you say to anyone that would like to become a Reigning Queen
for UK’s Dazzling Beauty  2016/17?

I would say that honestly this is an opportunity of a lifetime. Being a reining Queen for UK’s Dazzling Beauty will give you the platform to achieve your goals in 2016. Go for it!




Watch Louise’s videos here:

1)Louise Toms as Guildford’s Dazzling Beauty (Grand Finalist, UK’s Dazzling Beauty Video 2012) where her journey all began!

2)Louise Toms, Back stage Interview with Ben TV (Dec 2013)

3)Louise Toms, Miss Globe England at Miss Globe 2015, Toronto Canada

MISS GLOBE 2015 preliminary activities from mc sabado on Vimeo.

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5 Fun Ways to Raise Lots of Money for Charity

Hello Dazzling Beauty,

Are you on a mission to raise £200.00 for charity, £400, £600, £1,000 or more?
Do you sincerely see yourself as the next Miss Charity in the pageant that you have entered? If so this article is for you as I will give you 5 FUN ideas for raising money for charity in such a short space of time. YAY!! Read on fabulous 🙂


  1. 10K Run:One of the the best ways to raise money for charity is to do something active like a 10K run, 10K walk, half or full marathon. This is a way to really get people to support you with donations and also a great way to get physically fit for the pageant that you have fast approaching.
  2. Set up a ‘Just Giving Page’:
    This is a great way to get family and friends involved along with your fans. By setting up this page you can send your people the link and ask them to make charitable donations to your chosen charity. This most important thing to do if you truly desire to have lots of donations is to make sure that you have a good cause and you promote your page HARDCORE. Give people a great reason to donate and tell them what you will be doing for charity throughout the weeks or months. The clearer your mission the bigger amounts of money people will donate.
  3. Sell Old Dresses on E-bay and Facebook:
    You can get rid of all unwanted dresses, furniture, shoes, trainers etc by selling them on to those who will be willing to pay for them. With this option you can decide to either give all the money that you make to Charity or a percentage, it’s up to you. Some girls decide to only give a percentage due to the fact that it’s there possessions that they are selling. But either way this is a great way to raise money for charity or to raise money for your sponsorship fee.
  4.  Make Positive Affirmations:
    Sometimes doing the fundraising work alone is just not enough, especially if you don’t have the right mindset and the right words coming out of your mouth! If you keep thinking that it’s impossible to raise more than £150.00 for charity and you keep saying it, you will get what you say. Change your mind and words today so that you can start being a champion of success. Start saying things like “I will achieve my goal of raising over £2,000 for charity”, “I am capable of meeting my charity fundraising goal”, “I am so happy that I am the new winner of Miss Charity”, “I will win the Miss Charity Award”, “I am highly supported by friends and family to achieve my charity fundraising goal” and so much more.
  5. Organise a Live Event:
    Another fun and creative way to raise lots of money for charity One of our Queens at UK’s Dazzling Beauty organised a Charity festival which was an out door event and really BIG! She eventually went on to raise over £1,000 for charity in total. Other ideas includes a talent show, a barbecue day, a party for children, a pamper day, photo shoot for models or beauty queens, a fitness day and the list goes on. You can also organise online events such as a photo competition or a raffle draw. The most important thing to do is to create a budget and create a game plan to make more money than you spend. So let’s say you have decided to organise a Talent show at your local pub you could charge something like £20.00 for each contestant and £10.00 for family or friends to watch. You could set a goal to make i.e. £600 for charity with a £100 cash prize.So an idea for achieving your target could be to:

    – Sell 20 spaces for contestants at the price of £20.00 x 20 = £400
    – Sell 20 tickets for attendees which will be £10.00 x 30 = £300
    and Bingo you have achieved your goal.

You will also more than likely need to invest in the event upfront i.e. flyers, paid advertising etc, so I encourage you to aim for a bigger number of attendees such as 40 people in the audience instead of 30 (that way you can be sure to cover your costs)

And there you have it. I just gave you 5 fun ways to raise money for Charity! Woo hoo!

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– Do you feel stuck and confused on what to do to truly impress the judges?
If you are serious about winning a national crown and title and want to discover 12 amazing ways to make this happen then I want to invite you to take action today.

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